Arnold Schwarzenegger back in the day. Mr. Universe winner. 

The Pastry

​in Meat and Potatoes Photography

by photographer Joe Mahoney in "A Mutiny Is Brewing on Trump's Nuclear Submarine" in August 2016 Esquire magazine. 

As anyone doing event photography knows, it's those unscripted, spontaneous moments like this that are golden.

With so many unorthodox photos of Trump in the media, you can't help but wonder, "What is this guy like to photograph?"

See- "Photographing Donald Trump on the Campaign Trail" in The New York Times Lens Blogs.

Damon Winter, photographer, notes how much larger the crowds were from the very beginning for a new, first-time running candidate. That Trump would be immediately mobbed by autograph seekers - including from the protesters!  They offered him their protest signs to autograph.

Winter said, "We’re looking for those pictures that you can’t find anywhere else: these quiet, contemplative, behind-the-scenes pictures of him [Trump] before he takes the stage. We’re looking for those pictures because we haven’t seen them anywhere." He's not able to get those shots because they don't materialize. "There’s no Donald Trump reflection. It’s just a series of chaotic scenes one after another, even backstage."

Have we become a nation so enamored by celebrity that celebrities are now our preferred rulers? 

Did Trump enter the race with a huge advantage? Millions of Apprentice followers already and a huge, loyal Twitter following?

NBC Chairman Robert Greenblatt has said Trump will "never be back on Celebrity Apprentice as long as I'm here." Asked whether Trump's stint on Apprentice boosted his popularity to the point of aiding his presidential run, Greenblatt acknowledged that while "Bedtime for Bonzo" did help bring Ronald Reagan to national attention, he pointed out that Gary Trudeau predicted 15 years ago that Trump would run for president. Greenblatt didn't feel there was that much correlation between Apprentice and Trump's presidential aspirations.

Could Arnold Schwarzenegger, another actor turned politician, hosting the 2017 season of Celebrity Apprentice be our next presidential candidate? Arnold was born in Thal, Austria. This time, a "Birther" investigation would be successful!