Photographer: As Noted

I have been retouching in Photoshop since 2005. I do reality and beauty retouching. "Reality" means looking their best, very recognizable, not visibly retouched. This sounds easy, but can be the most challenging! "Beauty" retouching matches the artist's creative vision including 'perfection'. The model does not even need to look like herself, and the model's features may be drastically changed. "Fantasy" retouching, often involves compositing and digital artistry. Portrait of me, in yellow, by Amy Best. 

Elise Mosca photographed by Wicked LA Photography; Veronika photographed by SMoskov at; "Gatsby" shoot by Tawny Horton Photography​; Tribal Beauty by Koshmo Photography; Cecelia by Horacio Casadey Photography (composite); Pink by Slava Samoilenko; Gold Lips by Olga Schuldiner.