Suppose we try using the new Face-Aware Liquify

When there are makeup issues that make matters worse, as here (false eyelashes on crooked, eyelashes thicker on right eye than left) you have to fix those. Pupils in eyes usually do not sink below the lower eyelid, so move them up. Upper lid is not usually so tight as to give the startled, alarmed or staring look. Upper eyelashes usually cast some shadow over iris. So the eyes on the right COULD result from being more relaxed and better makeup and lighting.

These are what to think about - COULD your retouch be a possible result of better pose, better makeup, better lighting?

Yes, I did use the Face-Aware Liquify in the Melania picture, to get a start. I did use the old Forward Warp Tool to give the lower lid a more almond (relaxed!) shape in order to lose the squint and be able to bring the pupils up from under the lower lid. And some Warp on the left eye upper lid. Paint where needed. As people age, very often one eye that in youth was a LITTLE bit smaller becomes markedly smaller with age.

For me, this is as far as I would go with a public figure. They must remain very recognizable. Looking HEALTHY, is also my guide. Calm, relaxed; not tense and frightened, is usually good.


You notice on clients who have had many eye surgeries, or some botched eye surgeries, that the eyes actually begin to look physically smaller.

Can Photoshop's new Liquify features save the day?

It happens to the best of us - age takes its toll and, in their own way, so do plastic surgeries. Janice makes no secret about her many plastic surgeries.

You can see that all it did was make the too-small eyes, as they were, bigger. You can see what is missing is whites. More whites in the young Janice.  If countering the effect of age is what the client desires, you will still have to go in there with your paint brush. Babies have very large irises compared to whites, but you cannot pass off a baby's eyes on a 60-year old woman. And we watch to not get too extreme in Liquify.  This example is using Liquify only on only Janice's eyes. The mouth is also too wide and the new Liquify can help with that. 

Melania Trump is an example of the pulled upper lids and lost whites. With a public figure we need to be very careful about too much Photoshop alteration. Now, deciding whether she has had surgery or not is not our concern. Knowing that she shares issues with people who have had eye surgery is all that concerns us.

I have always wondered how she would look if I Photoshopped her eyes. Perhaps no more Photoshop than on this low res copy from the internet:

Retouching Eyes in PS 2015.5