Hm, can't see the brushstrokes very well. Used the Paint brush, Mixer Brush, Curves, Color Balance mainly. 

We were talking at the store about how can it be that people who never even knew him can be so affected by his death. As was said in the famous Twitter post after David Bowie died, it wasn't that we knew him personally, it was that through his music, we knew ourselves better.

Prince was such a private person he didn't want people to follow his personal life. But now, the anecdotes coming out make me wish I'd paid more attention - while he was still alive.....

The days before his death he stayed up working for 154 hours straight. I can see wanting to do that. It's 3:30 a.m. right now, I have to get up early, and I'm just not ready to go to sleep. But 154 hours...... wow.....

This is the first one I did. I was attracted to this scene in the movie. I liked the split lighting. This is just after his 'father' shot himself. I tried to get the tear on his right cheek.

These for some reason appear a little darker on my website than in Photoshop. There's also got to be a way to make these click-to-enlarge, but I haven't figured that out yet.

​Much as I'd like to stay up later, bye for now!

The plan was to post pictures from my trip out to Paisley Park of the memorial wall.

Unfortunately, I forgot the driving directions at home and couldn't remember how to get there.

I got close tho! Probably traveled the same roads Prince did, many times.

​People drew and posted pictures. So I thought I'd just draw my own digital art. I usually start out in Photoshop and finish in Painter. This time I just stayed in Photoshop. 

Watched "Purple Rain" and have been playing the soundtrack over and over while I painted. It kind of got me to add more purple where purple probably didn't belong.

April 24, 2016

Prince in Minneapolis