Bringing an animal to any "humane society" is scary because you feel you can't be sure they'll be adopted, and instead, euthanized.....‚Äč

Now that we're in the computer age, the Golden Valley Humane Society has a plan by which you can track the status of your animal by number.  This peace-of-mind plan used to cost $60!

So I tracked the little guy. First day, medical exam, then neutering, then 6 days in the stray holding area, then onto the adoption floor. He was adopted sometime during his first day on the floor. Yesterday. :)

I think of him now, wondering what he's doing. No doubt making some lucky family happy as they watch his antics.

Loved the little guy! My plan was to watch the number of cats on the adoption floor and if it started looking crowded, then I'd take him back. Hardship though it would have been for me with two cats already.

I envision him happy and loved. <3

(Me with the kitten and the Nikon Df)

Kitten Adopted