[Cellphone shot ^ in the Costco parking lot.]

The orange awnings in the background - it's Home Depot.

     This reminded me to stop there next to pick up some Liquid Fence. Now that the City has taken down so many trees in my backyard (to make way for the canoe trail on the creek), the coyotes and foxes are gone - so the rabbit population is burgeoning beyond belief. I really want to see my lilies bloom this year. The deer could be eating the buds, too. 

In the past, I've used coyote urine that I bought at Gander Mountain (hunters use it to disguise their scent - it would do that!) It really kept the deer and everything away from my plants, but the neighborhood stunk -- SO bad. 

If the Liquid Fence works, I'll take pictures of the lilies! :) 

-And it may keep the geese out of my yard, too!

Awww :)

So cute it's almost enough to forget their slippery poop all over yur yard! (It's worse than stepping on banana peels! They have webbed feet, what do they care)