April 22, 2016

This is going to be a new series, to print on white metal for an upcoming public show of my composite work. It is not for sale.

The sidewalk texture is from a stock photo by Zhu Difeng in Hangzhou, China. Website: http://www.zhudifeng.com/ I applied it over the studio seamless original image to keep the same angle as her foot and same shadow.

Ballerinas In the City (Composites)

The ballerina is by photographer IIlyas Kalimullin. He lives in Moscow. He photographs a variety of subjects, from ballerinas, landscapes, people, to dogs and cats.

I do not know the photographer of the cityscape; only that these are apartments somewhere in the Russian Federation. There was a big red sun flare that coincided with her leg - behind the leg! Which didn't make sense, so I had to remove it using Curves and Clone Stamp tool. Because if there had been a lens flare, it would have also been in front of her leg, not behind. This was the biggest obstacle with this. Also getting the grey background out from the transparent parts of her tutu. "Refine Edge" helped but not completely. 

‚ÄčIt is a work in progress. It will be cityscapes composited with ballerinas photographed in the studio.