​April 27, 2016

"Minneapolis' Always Been the Bomb!"

-Prince in the Larry King interview

Yes, we in Minneapolis still have not gotten over the death of Prince.  I like to think that some day we will, but right now it doesn't feel like it.​

Great to hear he really loved Minneapolis (the "bomb" quote above) and didn't just set up shop here because he got a good deal on real estate, lol. (House is in Chanhassen - he probably did; it's a ways west of the City.)

I preface this way because I know a lot of my readers are not from the Twin Cities and might be over the death. (My site doesn't tell me names but it does tell me which cities visitors are coming from. Mostly US, Europe, then Asia.) But we in Minneapolis are not - and won't be any time soon.

​Here is a 'meme' that has gone viral, with the tagline, "They should put Prince on the $20 bill and call it worth $19.99." Like with Prince's bootleg copies, everyone's got to put their own changes on it, including me.*

Doesn't it seem there's a universal belief that after death, the soul lingers on Earth for a while? That after death, even if there is reincarnation, there is a time lag between death and the next reincarnation even? It would be so great if Prince could see how loved he was by so many, and whose lives he touched in many ways through his music, his words and his boundless energy.

I didn't know Prince, but with all the accounts coming out now about him, I feel we're all just beginning to know him - and he's gone. That's what's so sad to me. 

He explains in the Larry King interview why he granted so few interviews and why he talked so little about himself. And many other mysteries.

So ironic that considering his battles against bootleg copies and piracy that the internet is now flooded with Prince clips - most posted the day of his death. Not trying to rationalize, but, he was such a meticulous person that if he truly was concerned about what happened after his death, doesn't it seem like he would have outlined specific instructions in his will? Or at least executed a will?

Here is the link to the entire Larry King interview with Prince (I could not find an official site.) He also explains the whole name and symbol experience.

Prince's Purple Rain costume is on display for a few more days at the Minnesota Historical Society. (Why have they just kept it in storage all these years?) Hopefully they'll allow non-flash photography so I'm going to take the Fuji X-Pro2 and maybe Sony a7sII.

​*  I'm not claiming ownership - the original artist is apparently unknown - but it seems to me there ought to have been purple in there so I added purple filters. The artist used the Andrew Jackson bill to get the hair but Jackson had the texture dots all over his face so I added those and cleaned up the strands of hair. To get the texture, I put a copy of Andrew Jackson over Prince, changed the blending mode to Luminosity, and painted in where he could use texture. I think Prince's forehead should have been higher, but didn't want to fuss with it. That a lot of work and not much benefit, I thought.​